How did 5 men spend nearly 30 years in prison combined
without ever being charged with a crime?


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By the ST5 Team

Coming to a Display Case Near You!

Posted on Friday, November 07, 2014.

We have worked on this project for 5 years. Many of you have been with us since those early days, some of you are new. To celebrate our theatrical release, we are very excited to unveil the official poster for The Secret Trial 5!

Many thanks to the talented Julian Brown, who did the animations for the film, for his design handiwork. For some of you crowdfunders out there, this poster is coming to you!

By the ST5 Team

Bloor Cinema - Special Guests Announced

Posted on Monday, November 03, 2014.


We are pleased to announce some of the special guests who will be joining us for our post-screening Q + As at the Bloor Cinema Nov 7-13.


  • OPENING NIGHT! Friday November 7: Subject Hassan Almrei
  • Sunday November 9: Animator Julian Brown will talk about his incredible work in the film
  • Monday November 10: Expert and activist Matthew Behrens and Filmmaker John Greyson, for a discussion around art and activism
  • Wednesday November 12: Expert and law professor Sharry Aiken and Special Advocate Anil Kapoor
  • Thursday November 13: Murtaza Hussain, Journalist at The Intercept, and Nazim Baksh, Journalist at the CBC will join us for a discussion about journalism and national security.

We look forward to robust discussions at every screening. Please encourage your friends and family to join us at the Bloor!

By the ST5 Team


Posted on Friday, October 24, 2014.

Dear Friends,

We hoped to write you today with some very exciting news, but given the events unfolding in Ottawa this week, our celebratory tone has been replaced by a feeling of sadness, as well as a sense of responsibility.

We feel we are about to have a very important conversation as a country, and that The Secret Trial 5 has an important role within that dialogue. Now more than ever, we need to ensure that the human narrative is not lost in this discussion.

Given that, we are proud to announce that The Secret Trial 5 will have its theatrical premiere in Toronto at the Bloor-Hot Docs Cinema on November 7th, 2014. The film will screen 5 times over the following week, before moving on to Ottawa for a 3 night run at the Bytowne Cinema beginning on November 16th.

This small theatrical run is essential, as the success of these screenings will determine whether other theatres across Canada program the film. As always, we turn to you to help spread the word. Please encourage your friends and loved ones in Toronto and Ottawa to go see the film!

Tickets for Toronto screenings can be purchased HERE:


Advance tickets for the Ottawa screenings are available the day of each screening.
Details here.


On Sunday Nov 16, there will be a filmmaker Q + A, along with special guests Sophie Harkat, wife of security certificate detainee Mo Harkat, and Lawyer Norm Boxal after the screening.

We are ever grateful for your support, and with your help, we hope The Secret Trial 5 can play in other cities across Canada and be a part of our upcoming national dialogue.

Thank you very much,

The ST5 Team.

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